Outsourcing has proven to deliver several key benefits,

including increasing sales, not administration.

Reducing the cost of compliance . A centralized, outsourced licensing service saves time and money by leveraging the expertise and efficiency of a specialist. Our expert service assures your compliance while allowing you to focus on your core business and effectively leverage
Avoiding penalties and fees . The best way to avoid penalties for noncompliance is to remain in compliance. NLC Group will ensure you are compliant with all regulations at all times.
Promoting visibility and accountability. Outsourcing provides a centralized repository of all licensing information, delivering critical visibility into the end-to-end process. A full record of licenses is readily available not just as a matter of best practices, but also for auditing, compliance, and other record-keeping purposes.
Keeping a company positioned for growth. Full and accurate licensing provides companies assurance that they can expand locations, products, and services without facing licensing issues.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Account Management

At NLC Group our client services team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Customer service is our number one priority. Our account managers provide you with deep industry knowledge, strong communication skills, and strong organizational skills.

Single Point of Contact

NLC Group assigns each client a dedicated Account Manager who knows your business. You always have direct access to the same person for all your licensing needs.

Customized Solutions

NLC Group provides our clients with flexible and innovative solutions to all licensing needs. NLC Group prides itself on being quick and nimble in addressing your unique business requirements.


NLC Group provides our clients with real time access to license compliance status 24X7 through our unique management dashboard powered software. License and appointment status will be updated daily.


The NLC Group solution is based upon a state-of-the-art cloud-based technology platform. This provides you with a highly available, reliable, secure, and scalable solution that minimizes your IT capital expenditures.


The NLC Group solution provides clients with real-time access to all producer and adjuster information including licenses, appointments, Continuing Education (CE) Tracking, and images of all associated documents. This allows you to meet all your information and audit needs quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Management view of all producers, adjusters and business entities across your enterprise customized to your desired hierarchy. The NLC Group provided dashboard can be based on your geography, divisions or districts customized to your desired segmentation.

NIPR Data Updated Daily

The NLC Group solution includes daily updates of producers’ and adjusters’ license and appointment status, regulatory infractions, and license certification.

Cloud-based Solution

NLC Group provides a secure access to all NIPR data via Amazon Web Services / AWS Cloud Computing Service.