Contact Centers Selling Insurance

Are All Your Contact Center Producers Compliant With Resident and Non-Resident Licenses?

Do you have a way to easily track insurance License compliance across all your contact centers?

NLC Group can meet all your insurance license compliance needs.

This includes the following:

  •  Ensuring all your Producers have an up-to-date Resident License
  •  Ensuring all your Producers have the appropriate Non-Resident Licenses
  •  Performing insurance license renewals/new licenses
  •  Tracking Continuing Education Status
  •  Tracking Status of Producers Across multiple Contact Centers

Outsourcing your insurance license compliance to NLC Group will give you the peace of mind that your insurance compliance is under control.  Use NLC Group to free up your staff to drive additional high revenue generating opportunities.

Clients will have access to all their Contact Center Producer Licensing Information through our proprietary cloud-based Licensing System.  All your data including key documents are available 24×7 to our secure repository tailored to your business.

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