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Insurance License Renewal Expiration

What You Need to Initiate or Renew Your Insurance License

Insurance license renewal and initiation is an important process for insurers to consider. Each state has different processes and necessities that must be fulfilled in order for the renewal process to become satisfied. Understanding these requirements and complying with them is crucial. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding insurance licensing:


1. Understand the Requirements for Each State

Insurance License Renewal Requirements for FloridaWhen initiating a license in a particular state, there may be different requirements for each state. For example, Georgia requires a citizenship affidavit and Florida requires finger prints. It is important to understand these issues and take note of them to order licenses correctly.


2. Follow Changes In Laws and Regulations

Insurance License Renewal Laws and RegulationsThese are constantly changing in every state. If you are not properly informed of these changes you may fall out of compliance. For example, Massachusetts recently changed continuing education requirements to include three credits of ethics as well as changing the CE deadline to the producer’s license renewal date (see here).


3. Take Note of Renewal Dates

Insurance License Renewal DatesIt is crucial to take note of when these dates are upcoming so your licenses do not become out of compliance. When you forget to renew a given license, fees and penalties can follow along with them. Selling policies while improperly licensed not only can result in penalties, but also result in suspension as well as adversely affecting your reputation.

The insurance license process can be hard for businesses to manage with so many other priorities needing attention. The National License Compliance Group (NLC Group) can take care of these critical tasks for you and ensure you will never become out of compliance. With our specialized services offering email alert notifications and management dashboards to display license and appointment information, the license management process can be a breeze.


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Why Choose To Outsource Your Licensing?

Why Choose to Oursource Your Licensing?

One of the biggest responsibilities for insurance agencies and carriers is making sure insurance licenses and appointments stay in compliance. If not managed correctly, your company can be seriously penalized like MetLife was in March (see article here). Because the cost of non-compliance can be so severe, it is vital to ensure license and appointment management is under control.

So you may be asking yourself, “Why would I outsource when I can manage everything right from here?” Here are the top 5 reasons why you should outsource:


1. Mitigate Risks

Outsourcing license and appointment management provides you with experts with the knowledge, experience, and processes to ensure your licenses and appointments are kept in compliance. This greatly reduces your license compliance risk and avoids expensive penalties, fees, and state consent orders.

2. Improved Focus

When you choose to outsource, you free up vital internal resources, allowing experts to manage the license and appointment process for you. This allows your internal resources to focus on other core areas of your business including revenue generating initiatives.

3. Lower Costs

Instead of conducting license management activities in house, outsourcing provides a more cost effective alternative saving your business both time and money. Many insurance agencies and carriers have their own dedicated license management positions. Through outsourcing, you can take advantage of the outsource partner’s economies of scale, streamline your staffing, turn fixed costs into variable costs, and save your company money.

4. Enhanced License Management

When outsourcing your licensing, the outsourcing company will focus all of its energy on managing your licenses and appointments. You do not have all day to work on renewing licenses and managing appointments. But guess what? Companies can take care of that for you! They will work day in and day out to guarantee your licenses never fall out of compliance and keep you abreast of ever changing state licensing regulations.

5. Advanced Capabilities

When thinking about outsourcing you must ask yourself “Are they offering anything that I cannot do myself?” Outsourcing companies offer advanced software and proactive services that ensure your license and appointment processes are efficiently managed and deliver enhanced capabilities. These capabilities include secure access to licensing data; improved scalability, continuity, and flexibility; proactive alerting; improved reporting etc.

National License Compliance Group (NLC Group) is a national license compliance company offering license and appointment management on an outsourced basis. We are license management experts. We have years of experience developing and successfully implementing solutions to support the insurance industry.

NLC Group prides itself on delivering uncompromising client service including accommodating unique customer requirements. Our proprietary processes, services, and state-of-the-art cloud based software provides you with worry free proactive management and execution of your licensing and appointment needs. You are always informed as we provide 24 x 7 real time access to your compliance status across the enterprise. We offer our clients a dedicated and knowledgeable client services team with an assigned dedicated account manager who is always available to answer questions and ensure your license and appointment management needs are met.


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